23-25 September 2020
TBC, Singapore
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Day One :

Stream 1: Urban Design & Planning

Stream 2: Funding & Commercialisation

Activity based session :

Shape a TOD with LEGO:
This will be a fun, hands-on activity in which groups of participants will use LEGO bricks to build a TOD on a hypothetical site. Through this activity the participants will learn more about the key considerations when planning a TOD. Participants in each group will be given a set of planning criteria to meet and be assigned specific roles that will help them to:

• Appreciate the various forces and stakeholders in developing a TOD;
• Balance various competing needs and agendas;
• Create a well-designed, innovative, and sustainable development.
The activity will finish with each group presenting their LEGO model and concept (in 5 minutes or less) to the rest of the participants.

Day Two :

Stream 1: Urban Design & Planning

Stream 2: Funding & Commercialisation

An exclusive site tour - Optional

Day Three: Post Conference Workshop

The Art of Future Placemaking
Placemaking is both a philosophy and a practical process for transforming public spaces. It is centered on observing, listening to and asking questions of the people who live, work and play in a particular space in order to understand their needs and aspirations for that space and for their community as a whole.

General enquiries

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